Xilium Mesh

Michael Ballendat, the designer of our successful Xenium seating range, has now designed Xilium.  A collection of three task chairs built around a combination of ergonomics and design.   Each chair is fully adjustable with further enhancements to choose from, The design creativity is in your hands, through the many available options, frame colours and beautiful upholstery finishes to play with.

Xilium Mesh

Gas assisted seat height adjustment.  Tested and certified to TUV and German DIN standards

An independently height adjustable back rest means you are able to position the lumbar support in the small of your back. 

Multi-lock synchronous mechanism with weight tension adjustment.  A seat tilt or knee tilt may be added as an option.

Choose no armrests, 2D height adjustable armrests or 3D & XD height, width and depth adjustable arm rests.

540mm high back in elasticated, woven mesh.  Choose from two styles of mesh back.  Both are designed to be flexible yet provide a firm support and remain durable.

Add a height and depth adjustable neck rest.  Depending on your final finish,  the neck rest is finished to match.

Available in a Black or White frame finish.


Black or White with polished aluminium features. 

Seat depth adjustment means you can optimise support based on your upper leg length. 

735mmØ 5-star base in black, white or polished aluminium.

65mmØ twin wheeled brake unloaded castors for soft floors OR soft wheeled castors for hard floor surfaces.

Design Assured

All of our seating is designed and built to the highest German DIN standards.  This means every component, nut, bolt and fixing is selected for its suitability of purpose.  Each new design is tested to destruction to ensure that our chairs are suitable to withstand today's demanding office environments.  They also follow and conform to German TÜV standards for ergonomic seating requirements.  Often going above and beyond the set guidelines.

GS mark TÜV 150 kg

GS mark TÜV 180 kg (Must be stipulated at point of order)

EN 1335 1 – 3

NPR 1813 (Applies to all chair versions with the uprated gas spring GL 40.55)

TUEV_GS (2).jpg

At Home

Whilst it is true that all of our seating is primarily designed for use in a busy modern office, the current climate means many more of us are working from home.  To us, now has never been a better time to stress the importance of ergonomics, especially in the 'office at home'.  Many companies take workplace ergonomics very seriously as they look after their staffs' well being.  So the chances are you have a decent office chair, at the office.

But what about at home?  We hope that you will consider how and what you sit on away from the office and that you don't just make do!

If you are looking to purchase a quality chair for home, look out for any of our fabric, vinyl or leather finishes marked with the following symbols...

These markings indicate that the finishes have been tested to meet European and British standards in regards to fire and flame resistance and we hope, offer extra peace of mind when used at home.

Xilium Mesh measurements:

Seat Height:

Back Width:

460mm - 600mm


Seat Width:

Seat - Lumbar:


170mm - 290mm

Seat Depth:

Seat - Elbow:

380mm - 500mm

150mm - 250mm

Back Height:

Elbow - Elbow:

580mm - 680mm

380mm - 610mm

User Weight:

User Height:

45kgs - 150kgs

5'4" - 6'6"

You can download the Xilium Mesh
specifications here... 
Xilium Mesh standard adjustments:

Seat Height Adjustment

Seat Depth Adjustment

Independently Height

Adjustable Back Rest

Multi-Lock Synchronous Action With Weight Tension Adjustment

A clever design feature of all Xilium and Xenium operator chairs is that when the back rest is raised in height, it also travels backwards.  This means that if you are tall more of the seat is exposed for a longer upper leg.  Combined with the depth adjustment of the seat Xilium and Xenium chairs can easily and comfortably accommodate the taller user.  In contrast, by lowering the back rest and reducing the seat slide, it will also adjust to more petit individuals.  This is a perfect ergonomic workplace solution for multiple users of various sizes. 

Xilium Mesh options:


Experience tells us that the most adjusted, fiddled and played with part of an office chair, is the armrests.  In the current climate this clearly needs to be considered in an office environment where perhaps more than one person will use a chair.

All of our armrests have PU tops, these are soft yet firm to use and can be washed, wiped or sterilised without damaging the armrest or affecting their use.  


R53: 2D Armrests

Height adjustable arm rests.

Finished in black or white with black tops.

R54: 4D Armrests

Height, width and depth adjustable arm rests.  Finished in black or white with black tops.

R55: XD Armrests

Height, width and depth multi-adjustable arm rests.

Polished frame and detailing finished in black or white with black tops.


Do You Need A Forward Tilt?

The following available upgrades are:

You can add a forward tilt to the seat.  It is independent of the rest of the chair and raises the rear of the seat up by +4°

A seat tilt rotates the pelvis forwards, in doing so it creates a natural, healthy 'S' posture to the spine and encourages you to sit upright.

TY47: Basic Tilt

Activated by shifting your body weight forwards and positioning your legs slightly back.  This is a tilt action that adjusts with your posture, unlike a fixed forward tilt which is either on or off..

Available with manual or auto-adjusting weight tension.

SIN-ST: Advanced Knee Tilt 


Our latest, dynamic back rest

adjustment, X-Move, a unique and supportive back rest feature only available on our Xilium operator chairs.

X-Move has no levers or fiddly knobs.

Simply lean to your left or to your right and feel the benefit of the greater level of support to your back.

Head Rest:

Xilium's head rest has plenty of adjustment and support, it can be adjusted in height, depth and angled.

Upholstered to match your choice of fabric or leather.

If you really want to get creative, select one finish for the cushion and another for the edge runner!

Additional Comfort:

Coccyx Relief Zone:

Hidden from view, our coccyx relief zone is a void at the rear of

the seat cushion which is designed to relieve pressure on the coccyx.

Memory Foam:

Pressure relieving memory foam for the seat.

Soft Castors:

Often overlooked but actually very important!

Soft wheeled castors for hard surfaces such as wooden or

tiled floors.

Design Features: Make It Yours

Frame Finish:

Xilium's default colour finish for the frame is black.  However, there is a popular and growing demand for white, you can choose this too!  Certain components, such as arm rest tops will still remain black, so as to keep your chair looking clean and fresh.



  • Back rest outer shell

  • Arm rest frames

  • Back rest upper frame

  • Back rest lower frame.

  • 5 star base



  • Back rest outer shell

  • Arm rest frames

  • Back rest upper frame

  • Back rest lower frame.

  • 5 star base


A timeless, classy, classic finish.  You can have both the black frame finish with polished aluminium and the white frame with polished aluminium.

Three key components are available in a polished aluminium finish.

  • 5 star base

  • Back rest lower frame

  • Arm rest frames

Black (Standard)



Mesh Backrest Design:

Choose a mesh finish for your back rest.  The standard mesh finish for Xilium is AX, or you may prefer WX, the alternative.


Both finishes have a colour choice or grey, or black. 

AX - Standard Mesh





WX - Alternative Mesh





Your chair will be upholstered throughout in the fabric, vinyl or leather of your choice.  This means the seat, and where applicable, neck rest, will be finished in your colour throughout.  The seat and neck rest have edge upholstery, or 'Runners' as we call them.  As standard these too are finished in the fabric, vinyl or leather of your choice to match the rest of the upholstery work.

Xilium chairs offer flexibility in the runner finishes.  If you choose Radio or Step as your fabric finish, you may also choose a complimentary or contrasting colour from within the same range for the runners.  Or you can also choose any colour from our Runner 3D fabric range.

For example, this Xilium Mesh chair seat and neck rest is finished in Xtreme fabric XR009 and the seat and neck rest runners are finished to match.  This is the standard finish design.

Whereas here, the client chose Radio fabric RDF8033 for the main colour of the chair but opted for a complementary fabric for the runner edges.  In this case, Radio RDF3094. 

Main: Xtreme fabric XR009

Main: Radio fabric RDF8033.


Xtreme fabric XR009

Runners: Radio fabric RDF3094.

Xtreme: XR009

Radio: RF8033

Radio: RDF3094

Fabric Price Group 20



100% Polyester



100% Polyurethane Vinyl



100% Polyester



100% Polyester



100% Re-Cycled Polyester



100% Polyester



100% Polyester



100% Re-Cycled Polyester

Fabric Price Group 40



100% Re-Cycled Polyester



100% Polyester FR



100% Urethane Medical Vinyl

Fabric Price Group 45



100% Trevira CS



100% Pigmented Split Leather



100% Urethane Vinyl



80% Polyester

20% Re-Cycled Polyester

Fabric Price Group 48



100% Virgin Wool



95% NZ Wool / 5% Polyamide



95% Virgin Wool / 5% Polyamide

Leather Price Group 55



100% Semi-Aniline Leather

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Xilium Mesh chair
Xilium Mesh with...

WX Mesh
2D Armrests
Xilium Mesh chair
Xilium Mesh with...

WX Mesh
2D Armrests
Xilium Mesh chair
Xilium Mesh with...

WX Mesh
2D Armrests
Xilium Mesh chair
Xilium Mesh with...

WX Mesh
2D Armrests
Xilium Mesh chair
Xilium Mesh with...

WX Mesh
2D Armrests
Xilium Adjustable Lumbar Support
Xilium Mesh with...

AX Mesh
2D Armrests
Adjustable Lumbar Support
White Frame
Xilium Mesh & Xilium DuoBack
Pictured with our Alternative Xilium DuoBack chair
Xilium Mesh chair in the Office
Xilium Mesh chair in the Office
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