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A little about us...

We love chairs, and ergonomics, call us ergonomic chair geeks if you will.  The more ergonomic they are the more our interest peaks.

Office Ergonomics have imported, distributed, serviced and advised our clients on Rohde & Grahl's seating ranges since 1994.  We believe in them as a company, the products they produce, the ergonomic principles we both share and the overall quality of the German engineering and design they provide.  When you invest in one of our chairs you are investing in a piece of well engineered piece of equipment.  'Oh but it is just an office chair' are words we do not like to hear!

They may be 'just a chair' to many but to us, they are an ergonomic tool used to help our clients sit correctly at their place of work, be that at home, or in the office.

We don't do cheap chairs.  We never have and we never will.  A Rohde & Grahl chair is an investment in yours or your workforce's well being.  We understand this better than many which is why we will ensure you are not only selecting the correct chair but also receive guidance on how to use it correctly, so as to maximise on your investment.


We hope we can be of service to you and assist you to the best of our ability.

Our Contact Details:

Office Ergonomics Limited

Unit 4 Ministry Wharf



HP14 4HW

Tel: 01494 565995

Fax: 01494 565954


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106a High Street




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V.A.T Registered No. GB 896 3522 83

Registered in England & Wales: 05997837

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