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Frequently Asked Questions...

We hope to answer some of the more popular questions we get asked here, if there is anything you would like to know that we haven't thought of, please do get in touch.  You can call us on 01494 565995 or contact us by email using

What is the warranty on your chairs?

The current warranty period on all of our chairs is five years which starts from receipt of delivery.  The warranty is against faulty workmanship and limited to component parts which are subject to normal wear and tear and not traced back to improper treatment such as:

  • Incorrect use of product

  • Damages due to extreme climactic conditions

  • Damages due to environmental influences such as moisture or acidity

  • Damages due to incorrect maintenance or modification

The warranty does not apply to upholstery finishes, fabric or leather.  These are covered by the guarantee relevant to the particular manufacturer of said products.  We can obtain these for you on request. 

Most, if not all, fabric warranties will include the condition that the fabrics are cleaned and maintained.  A simple wipe with a damp cloth occasionally and the regular use of a vacuum cleaner will help to keep your fabric finish in good condition for many years.  Leather should also be fed with an appropriate finish.  If you have any doubt, please ask us and we will obtain the specific information relevant to your chair's upholstery finish.

Right to repair.  If my existing chair is now out of warranty, then what ?

All Rohde & Grahl chairs are designed and manufactured in Germany.  They are of a very high standard of finish and durability, the sort we have come to expect and recognise in German manufacturers.  They don't produce cheap chairs.  They are an investment and if looked after, will last many years.

They do occasionally go wrong however.  The good news is that all of the components can be replaced as parts.  You do not need to dispose of your chair if it has developed a fault.  We can obtain and provide component parts and advice to keep your chair functioning if it develops a fault out of warranty.

We have clients who have had their chairs for 20+ years now, ever so often they will replace a small part and extend the life span of their chairs.  They are an investment but if maintained well, they could last a lifetime.

You may be more than capable of carrying out the work yourself.  Should you wish for us to do it, get in touch with us and we can talk through it.

Experience has taught us that the single, most expensive outlay, is upholstery.  We do not re-cover or re-upholster our chairs in the event of torn or dirty cushioning.  We will quote to replace them as a whole seat pan or as a whole back rest pad.  It means you will get an almost brand new chair again but if that time comes, it may be more cost effective to consider the newest and latest chairs we have to offer.     

How long do I have to wait if I buy your chairs?

All Rohde & Grahl chairs are designed and manufactured in Germany.  Due to the range of chairs we sell and the numerous combinations of options and upholstery finishes, all chairs are made to order.  On average, lead times are five weeks from receipt of order.


If you are looking to purchase in quantity for your office and your team, please enquire and we will obtain a lead time for you.

Whilst we do our utmost to adhere to our quoted lead time, the factory does get very busy with project orders.  This generally does not affect the lead time but on occasion, lead times may extend.

For single chair orders and inquiries we carry certain chair models in stock here in the UK.  The factory also offer a quick ship program of their popular chair models.  Our stock will generally be dispatched within 24 hours.  Factory quick ship is approximately two weeks, due to logistics.  For more information, visit our Quickship page.


We are pleased to say that current pandemic has not affected our ability to work with our customers and it has not affected the production process.  However, there have been some small delays in shipping from Germany to us in the UK.  This has been due to restrictions and movement of goods that the forwarding agencies have to abide by.  We are constantly monitoring this and are pleased to say that service is returning to some sort or normality as seen before the pandemic.

Do you ship abroad?

We don't.  We deliver to the UK and Ireland only.

If you are outside of the UK or Ireland and are interested, you are welcome to send us your details and we will forward them on to factory HQ, from there they will handle your enquiry.

Why does your website show no prices?

We generally sell business to business, specifically through a dealer and specifier network that we have worked hard and closely with to build a level of service and trust with.  Like us, our dealers work hard and incur costs in running their businesses and looking after their clients.  For us to then put prices online would undermine all of the good will and loyalty we have built and achieved over many years.

We use our website as an information tool, it is a guide for parties interested in our products and provides our dealers with current, up to date specifications and options regarding our office seating. 

If you are an individual who is generally interested in our chairs, you are more than welcome to contact us for help on selecting the best chair for you and what the estimated cost will be.

Where can I see or sit on your chairs? 

Please contact us with your approximate location and we will gladly ask a dealer local to you to contact you to make an appointment.


We work closely with ergonomic assessors and it may sometimes be prudent and more beneficial to you for a visit to your office or at home.  They are experienced in not just our products but also in ensuring that a suitable chair is suggested for you, both for your physique and work role.  You may also have additional needs that they will be well trained in supporting you with. 

What if my chair develops a fault?

If you find a fault or defect with your chair(s) then we ask that you contact the dealer or assessor that you purchased the goods from.  Even if it is still under warranty.  Don't worry, we will be able to trace your purchase and providing your chair(s) is still under warranty, you won't be charged by us to rectify any faults. 

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