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DuoBack Split Seat

The split seat feature of the DuoBack Split Seat has been specificially designed to make life more comfortable for anybody who has limited or no flex in the hips or knees.  We recognise that a standard seat causes challenges when you cannot bend your knees or rotate your hips forwards.  Our experience knows that a standard seat means that you will perch on the front of the seat so as to enable you sit with your hips or knees at a comfortable angle.  You adapt your posture according to your individual situation.


Problem overcome, except it is going to mean that by sitting further forward on the seat, you then have little or no back support! 


This is where the split seat comes in.


Both the left and right front quarter sections of the seat can be lowered.  This allows you to sit back against the back rest of the chair, thus supporting your back AND you are also able to have your leg extended out in a position that you find comfortable.  The better ergonomic solution, we hope you'll agree.  If you need to open the angle of your pelvis even further, the DuoBack Split Seat comes as standard with an independent forward tilt to the seat, this opens the pelvic angle but rolling the hips forwards.


If both of the left and right front quarter sections of the seat are lowered, the chair can also accommodate someone who has a short upper leg measurement, whereby sitting on a standard seat will also mean that they sit forwards to perch on the front of the seat, thus negating any support to the back from the back rest of the chair.

DuoBack Office Chair with a Split Seat

430mm high DuoBack back rest pads.

Independently height adjustable back rest with width adjustable pads EN1021-1

Gas assisted seat height adjustment.  Tested and certified to TUV and German DIN standards

Independent Seat Tilt​Of +4°

Choose no armrests, or 3D height, width and depth adjustable arm rests.

610mmØ 5-star base and lower back rest frame in polished aluminium.

50mmØ twin wheeled brake unloaded castors for soft floors OR soft wheeled castors for hard floor surfaces.

Left and right folding front seat sections

The split seat is available in two sizes:

450mm x 450mm and a larger 500mm x 500mm version

DuoBack Office Chair With A Split Seat.jpg
DuoBack Split Seat measurements:

Seat Height:

410mm - 550mm

Back Width:

400mm - 450mm

Seat Width:

450mm Standard

Seat - Lumbar:

160mm - 220mm

500mm Optional

Seat Depth:

440mm Standard (When level)

Seat - Elbow:

150mm - 250mm

500mm Optional (When level)

Back Height:

480mm - 560mm

Elbow - Elbow:

380mm - 610mm

User Weight:

Up to 125kgs

User Height:

5'0" - 6'0"

DuoBack Split Seat options:
DuoBack Split Seat Chair_Arms.jpg
​A94 Armrests:

3D - Height and width adjustable armrests with sliding and rotating tops.  Black.


Soft wheeled castors for

hard floor surfaces such

​as wood, tiles or concrete

​Soft Castors:
Visco Foam Seat:

Memory foam.  Heat reactive, self moulding seat foam.  Reduces pressure points that occur when you sit.


Height and depth adjustable neck rest.

Leg Rest Fabrics

Fabrics & Finishes

Colours have a great power. They influence our mood,can positively stimulate and be the perfect background for effective work and communication. The finishes we offer have been selected according to the current trends because finishes are not only about colours but also texture, shape and tone which when combined together create a full emotional experience


The finishing touch is the upholstery and we use some of the best, accredited mills, including Camira, Kvadrat, Fidivi & Gabriel®

Colours Are Emotional

Fabrics Price Group 20

Fabrics Price Group 40

Fabrics Price Group 45

Fabrics Price Group 48

Leg Rest

Free Standing Leg Rest

Leg Rest_01.jpg
Free Standing Leg Rest_02.jpg

620mm Support Cushion

With Contoured Shaping For Safety & Support.

Gas Assisted Height


Choice Of Glides Or Castors

Angle Adjustable