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What is it?

The short and somewhat glib headline answer is that it is an incredibly comfortable design of back rest, which it is.  However, allow us to explain it's origin...

It is not a 'chair' as some think of it, it is a back rest design for an office chair.  It was designed by a German professor who no matter how hard he tried, could not find a comfortable chair.  He solved this himself by fashioning and playing with off cuts of foam which he stuck on his office chair.  Eureka, he found just the right level of support and comfort he was missing all along.


Being of an entrepreneurial  mind, the professor took his idea for his newly formed back rest to many seating manufacturers with a view to producing it en-mass. No company took interest until he spoke with Grahl Gmbh, latterly Rohde & Grahl.


Grahl are an office seating and furniture manufacturer in northern Germany who have always had workplace ergonomics as a top priority in their thinking and design processes.  They saw the potential in the design and took the Professor's initial concept and worked together with him to create the now world famous, DuoBack backrest.


It has continually evolved and improved through much investment in to a back rest that is highly regarded today.  Medical professionals, physiotherapists and insurance companies recommend DuoBack for its dynamic support and postural benefits.

DuoBack® - "Dynamic Seating"

The perfect backrest has to fulfil two apparently contradictory criteria; It should not only support the upper body and take over the function of the muscles which support the back; but also follow and facilitate the movements of the upper body.

The resultant 'dynamic sitting' stimulates the muscles, helping to prevent back strain or alleviate existing pain.  Just as importantly, this stimulation retards the natural build-up of muscle tension, helping to lessen the effects of tiredness.

The unique split back pads of the 'DuoBack' are positioned halfway between the top and bottom of the spine so that when reclined the lower sections of the pads move forward straightening the spine and pelvic girdle.  This is a vital point often stressed by both back specialists and office ergonomists.

Height adjustable, the backrests correctly support the back of any person.  The space between the pads allows the spine to move freely.  Instead of putting pressure on the spine, support is evenly distributed throughout the back muscles.


The backrest are pivotally mounted enabling them to move in all three axes - forwards and backwards; up and down and left to right.  It means that the back is fully supported in all positions.  Uniquely, the mountings provide the back with 'active support'.  The shape and mobility of the backrest ensure that they follow the contours of the back as it moves, varying the support needed and stimulating muscle tone and blood circulation.

DuoBack® is office ergonomics perfectly applied.


It has been copied, mimicked, 'borrowed from' all with little success over the years.  Testament to it's level of comfort, supportive design and ergonomic benefits.   This is the original from Rohde & Grahl, the best, the one and only DuoBack backrest!  



Each DuoBack® pad is independently mounted on a firm yet flexible bracket.

They are designed to flex and move as you do, continually adjusting to changes in your posture...

... They will 'hug' your back when you are seated and 

each pad will adjust itself to the unique shape of

your back...

... The vertical gap between the DuoBack® pads reduces direct pressure on the spine by up to 50%.  Recommended worldwide by physiotherapists, medical professionals and work place assessors for the support and ergonomic excellence DuoBack® provides.

Dynamic Ergonomics

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