Harmonious movement for every one.

One chair, three back rest designs

The Xenium Freework mechanism provides multi directional movement from the seated position. The direction and flow of the mechanism is adjusted by the body's motor function. By shifting the emphasis and positioning of your body weight the mechanism will adjust with you. Resistance to this movement can be semi locked off if desired.  Weight tension adjustment ensures that the movement can be set to each individual's preferences.  Suitable for users of 45 ‐ 125kg in weight

Lateral Movement


​Up to 10° of lateral tilt right (seated)

​We don't realise quite how much our posture changes throughout the day, simple tasks such as turning to talk to a colleague, bending to access a pedestal drawer, slouching sideways when on the telephone.  Each of these daily postural changes twists the spine and puts strain on our muscles.


A conventional chair will not offer you sufficient back support or adjust dynamically to your movements.


​Xenium FreeWork® is designed to be completely dynamic in its adjustment, flowing and following your movements as you make them.

FreeWork is the registered name of the mechanism that we use on the Xenium FreeWork® chairs.  The mechanism has up to +10° of lateral movement both to the left and to the right.  When you are sitting on it, it means that as you make adjustments to you posture throughout your day, the chair's dynamic movement follows the changes as you make them.  As the movement is controlled by your core muscles, it acts like a workout in your chair!


​and up to 10° of lateral tilt left (seated)


The FreeWork® chair mechanism has lateral movement, it also has a high degree of recline and forward tilt.  Up to +10° of forward tilt and -10° to -20° of rear recline.  The forward tilt is commonly known as a knee tilt, it is free flowing and adjusted with the body's core muscles and positioning of the legs.


The recline may be locked off to set the seat level.  The lateral movement remains fluid.  

Recline & Knee Tilt

The Xenium FreeWork® chairs are suitable and finely adjustable for individuals between 80-125kgs as standard.


​An alternative, lighter mechanism is available for users between 45-80kgs if required.

Xenium FreeWork®