The DuoBack Type 11 and DuoBack Type 12 chairs have brought so much relief to so many of our clients.  Post operation, Scoliosis and 'bad backs' in general are where these two chairs shine through above the competition.

They are the Original DuoBack chairs! which have served many people well over numerous years.

The difference between the two models is the finish of the back rest pads.  The Type 11 has plastic shells, the Type 12 is fully upholstered, that's it, nothing else changes.

Type 11


Type 12

Type 11 & 12 DuoBack

Type 12: Fully upholstered outer rear shell.

Anatomically contoured seat cushion, 50mm thick, medium density foam.

Seat depth adjustment means you can optimise support based on your upper leg length. 

Multi-lock synchronous mechanism with weight tension adjustment.  A seat tilt or knee tilt may be added as an option.

Gas assisted seat height adjustment.  Tested and certified to TUV and German DIN standards

660mmØ 5-star base in black or polished aluminium.

65mmØ twin wheeled brake unloaded castors for soft floors OR soft wheeled castors for hard floor surfaces.

Choose no armrests, 2D height adjustable armrests or 3D height, width and depth adjustable arm rests.

430mm high DuoBack vertically split and independently mounted back rests.  Designed to flex and move as you change posture.  Proven to reduce direct pressure on the spinal column by up to 50%.  Independently height adjustable.

Type 11: Polypropylene outer rear shell.

Type 12: Fully upholstered outer rear shell.

An independently height adjustable back rest means you are able to position the back rests to optimise back support where it is needed. 

Design Assured

All of our seating is designed and built to the highest German DIN standards.  This means every component, nut, bolt and fixing is selected for its suitability of purpose.  Each new design is tested to destruction to ensure that our chairs are suitable to withstand today's demanding office environments.  They also follow and conform to German TÜV standards for ergonomic seating requirements.  Often going above and beyond the set guidelines.

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At Home

Whilst it is true that all of our seating is primarily designed for use in a busy modern office, the current climate means many more of us are working from home.  To us, now has never been a better time to stress the importance of ergonomics, especially in the 'office at home'.  Many companies take workplace ergonomics very seriously as they look after their staffs' well being.  So the chances are you have a decent office chair, at the office.

But what about at home?  We hope that you will consider how and what you sit on away from the office and that you don't just make do!

If you are looking to purchase a quality chair for home, look out for any of our fabric, vinyl or leather finishes marked with the following symbols...

These markings indicate that the finishes have been tested to meet European and British standards in regards to fire and flame resistance and we hope, offer extra peace of mind when used at home.

DuoBack 11&12 measurements:

Seat Height:

Back Width:

450mm - 580mm

400mm - 450mm

Seat Width:

Seat - Lumbar:


210mm - 290mm

Seat Depth:

Seat - Elbow:

400mm - 450mm

140mm - 240mm

Back Height:

Elbow - Elbow:

480mm - 560mm

360mm - 620mm

User Weight:

User Height:

45kgs - 125kgs

5'0" - 5'10"

You can download the Type 11/12 DuoBack
specifications here... 
DuoBack 11&12 standard adjustments:

Seat Height Adjustment

Seat Depth Adjustment

Independently Height

Adjustable Back Rest

Multi-Lock Synchronous Action With Weight Tension Adjustment

The independently mounted DuoBack back rest pads flex and move with your movements.  This flexibility ensures that when you place pressure on the top of the back rest, however slight, greater lumbar support is achieved as the lower section of the backrest pads push forwards into the lumbar region.  This applies to all of the DuoBack backrests, regardless of the chair collection.

One adjustment that is unique to the Type 11 & 12 DuoBack chairs, is lateral adjustment of the back rest pads.  The further apart the pads are set, the greater the flexibility.  The DuoBack has earned the nickname 'Hugger' because it does just that.  The further apart the pads are adjusted, the more they will 'Hug' your back.

If you do not wish to have such flexibility in the back rest movement then closing the gap creates a firmer back support.  However, there is still some movement as this is what the DuoBack is designed to do! 

DuoBack 11&12 options:


A10: 2D Armrests

Height adjustable arm rests.  Fixed tops.

Width adjustable underneath the seat.

Finished in black.

A13: 3D Armrests

Height adjustable arm rests with full 360º rotating tops.  Off set, turning each arm also moves them closer together.  Additional width adjustment underneath the seat

Finished in black.

A12: 3D Armrests

Height adjustable arm rests with full 360º rotating tops.  Off set, turning each arm also moves them closer together.  Additional width adjustment underneath the seat

Finished in black.

Arm rest carriers finished in polished aluminium.

'3D' Armrests adjust in width

underneath the seat and also by rotating the offset PU top pads by 180° to bring them closer together.

Further width adjustment and fine tuning the support for your arms is achieved by rotating the arm top pads to the desired position. 

Neck Rest:

Height and depth adjustable, the neck rest for the Type 11 & 12 DuoBack has a huge amount of adjustment.  It has a broad, plush yet supportive cushion.  It is designed to provide support at the nape of the neck, rather than the back of the head.

Additional Comfort:

Coccyx Relief Zone:

Hidden from view, our coccyx relief zone is a void at the rear of

the seat cushion which is designed to relieve pressure on the coccyx.

Memory Foam:

Pressure relieving memory foam for the seat.

Soft Castors:

Often overlooked but actually very important!

Soft wheeled castors for hard surfaces such as wooden or

tiled floors.

Forward Seat Tilt:

+4º of forward tilt to the seat.  Highly beneficial to maintaining a good posture

as it actively encourages a positive 'S' shape to the spine.

Base Options:

Black: Standard on both Type 11 & Type 12

DuoBack chairs.

Polished Aluminium: Optional on both Type 11 & Type 12 DuoBack chairs.  Looks very smart combined with A12 polished aluminium armrests!


Height Options:

Available for either model is counter height version.  If you need that extra height because you work at a counter, high desk then we can accommodate this with a high gas stem.

The seat height for this counter variant is 690mm - 850mm.  This is measured from the floor to the top of the seat, unloaded.

We increase the diameter of the base for stability and include a height adjustable footring for comfort.

Available in the following finishes.  Click a swatch or fabric name to see the available colours within that range, the fabric durability and the fire retardant information.


We can upholster chairs in a corporate or customer fabric / leather.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

If you need a longer seat, consider our Xenium Basic chairs.

Fabric Price Group 10




100% Polyester

Fabric Price Group 20



100% Polyester



100% Polyurethane Vinyl



100% Polyester



100% Polyester



100% Re-Cycled Polyester



100% Polyester



100% Polyester



100% Re-Cycled Polyester

Fabric Price Group 40



100% Re-Cycled Polyester



100% Polyester FR



100% Urethane Medical Vinyl

Fabric Price Group 45



100% Trevira CS



100% Pigmented Split Leather



100% Urethane Vinyl



80% Polyester

20% Re-Cycled Polyester

Fabric Price Group 48



100% Virgin Wool



95% NZ Wool / 5% Polyamide



95% Virgin Wool / 5% Polyamide

Leather Price Group 50

Leather Price Group 55



Pigmented soft grain leather



100% Semi-Aniline Leather

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