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Workplace Assessments

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Ergonomics as –

“​The study of working conditions, especially the design of equipment and furniture, in order to help people work more efficiently.”

In daily practice, it is the study of the relationship between you (the user) and your working environment, especially the equipment you use and how you use it. The goal of Ergonomics is to create a workspace that is comfortable to your physical needs.

It doesn't stop at chairs –

We understand the application of ergonomics in the workplace well, the need for suitable, adaptable seating, desking, acoustics and lighting can all be overwhelming and costly.  You are investing in yours or your teams' well being and health and making the right choice is perhaps tricky.

A work place assessment will make your choices a little easier.  They can be carried out for an individual in your team, for you at home, even in your vehicle if driving is your occupation.  In house training for a designated Health & Safety or Occupational Health Team can also be provided.


We recommend -

If you think you need or are specifically researching a competent, well established company for workplace, Display Screen Equipment, home or vehicle assessments then we suggest you contact Access2Comfort.  They are an independent company who specialise in workplace assessments UK wide.  They are impartial and will provide you with the best advice, products and solutions based on your specific requirements and budget.

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