Xenium Freework Classic is a conventional back rest finished in two tone upholstery.  The main colour of the chair can be chosen from our fabric collection with the mesh fabric finished in a dark grey.  A selection of coloured mesh alternatives are available for you to choose from too, see our RUNNER 3D fabric range.





Xenium Freework® Classic

Up to -20° of recline.


Seat height


Two tone fabric


Independently height adjustable back rest

Weight tension ​adjustment: 80 - 120kgs

Sliding seat

FreeWork® lateral free

​flow movement left & right.  Up to 10° in either direction.

Polypropylene rear outer shell

Solid back rest

550mm high

FreeWork® Classic boasts a comfortable 20° of semi lockable recline...

... and a healthy forward knee tilt adjustment of up to +10°

Freework Classic measurements:

Seat Height:

Back Width:

420mm - 530mm


Seat Width:

Seat - Lumbar:


150mm - 250mm

Seat Depth:

Seat - Elbow:

390mm - 500mm

150mm - 250mm

Back Height:

Elbow - Elbow:

580mm - 670mm

360mm - 510mm

User Weight:

User Height:

80kgs - 120kgs*

5'2" - 6'6"

* A light user mechanism is available for users 45-80kgs

Freework Classic options:


A60: 2D Armrests

Height adjustable arm rests.  Slight rotation of the front of the arm.

Finished in grey, black or white with black tops.

A64: 3D Armrests

Height, width and depth adjustable arm rests.

Finished in grey, black or white with black tops.


As an integral part of the aesthetic design of Xenium Freework Classic, the headrest is finished in grey mesh to compliment the mesh upholstery on the back rest and seat edges.


The standard colour for the mesh upholstery is grey.  However, you may choose a different colour from our 'Runner' fabric range.  If you would prefer the neck rest upholstery to be the same as the main colour of the chair, you can have this too.


Chairs finished in leather, have the option of a leather neck rest.  

The neck rest is height adjustable with some depth adjustment.  The mounting

​holder of the neck rest is flexible and moves back and forth when under weight.

Additional Comfort:

Coccyx Relief Zone:

Hidden from view, our coccyx relief zone is a void at the rear of the seat cushion which is designed to relieve pressure on the coccyx.

Soft Castors:

Often overlooked but actually very important!

Soft wheeled castors for hard surfaces such as wooden or tiled floors.

Memory Foam:

Pressure relieving memory foam for the seat.

Depth Adjustable Lumbar Supports:

Xenium Freework Classic comes with contoured cushioning in the back rest as standard.  However, for those that might want greater, adjustable support for the small of your back, there are three options available.




Manually adjustable mechanical

lumbar support

Push button pneumatically adjustable

lumbar support

Hand pump pneumatically adjustable

lumbar support

Design & Finish Options:

Frame Finish:

All chairs in the Xenium range have the default colour of grey as the frame finish.  However, there is a black edition and a popular, growing demand for white, you can choose this too!  Certain components, such as arm rest tops will still remain black, so as to keep your chair looking clean and fresh.

Grey Edition: Standard

Grey armrests

​(Where applicable)

Grey frame

Grey mesh



Black Edition: Optional

Black mesh

'Runner' upholstery

Black frame

Black armrests

​(Where applicable)

White Edition: Optional

White shells

White frame

White armrests, black tops

Go Colour: Optional

There is no additional charge to change the colour of the mesh fabric.

If you wish to change the finish colour of the mesh 'runners' on the back rest and seat edges, there are twelve alternative colours to the standard grey


Click above to view larger images.

Fabrics & Finishes:
Xenium FreeWork® Gallery 
Xenium Freework Classic
Xenium Freework Classic with A60 2D armrests.
Xenium Freework Classic
Xenium Freework Classic with A60 2D armrests.
Xenium Freework Classic
Xenium Freework Classic with A60 2D armrests.
Xenium Freework Classic
Xenium Freework Classic with A60 2D armrests.
Xenium Freework Mechanism
Xenium Freework Mechanism
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Available in the following finishes.  Click a swatch or fabric name to see the available colours within that range, the fabric durability and the fire retardant information.


We can upholster chairs in a corporate or customer fabric / leather.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Fabric Price Group 10 

100% Polyester

Fabric Price Group 20 

100% Polyester


100% Polyester


100% Polyester


Upper: 100% Polyurethane

Bottom: 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton


100% Re-Cycled Polyester


100% Re-Cycled Polyester


100% Polyester


100% Polyester

Fabric Price Group 40 

100% Post Consumer Re-Cycled Polyester


100% Polyester FR


Medical Grade Vinyl

Upper: 100% Vinyl / Urethane.

Lower: 100% Hi-Loft Polyester

Fabric Price Group 45

100% Trevira CS


Upper: 100% Vinyl Urethane

Bottom: 100% High Loft Polyester.


100% Polyester

Used only for seat, back and neck rest edge detail

Fabric Price Group 48

100% Virgin Wool


95% Wool

5% Polyamide


95% Virgin Wool

5% Polyamide

Leather Price Group 50

Pigmented soft grain leather (0.9 – 1.1 mm)

Leather Price Group 55

100% Semi-Aniline Leather.

Natural Corrected Grain

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