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Xenium Counter

Based on our ever popular Xenium Basic chairs, Xenium Counter has all of the same valuable features as Xenium Basic with added altitude.

For use at counters, high desks or even sit-stand desks, anywhere a regular desk chair just won't go quite high enough. 

Xenium Counter


550mm high back rest upholstered front with a polypropylene rear shell.  Independently height adjustable.

Integrated lumbar support contoured back rest.  Manual lumbar adjustment is available as an option.

Choose no armrests, 2D height adjustable armrests or 3D height, width and depth adjustable arm rests.

Available in a Grey or Black frame finish. Or Grey/Black with polished aluminium features. 

An independently height adjustable back rest means you are able to position the lumbar support in the small of your back. 

Seat depth adjustment means you can optimise support based on your upper leg length. 

Multi-lock synchronous mechanism with weight tension adjustment.

585mm - 830mm gas assisted seat height adjustment.  Tested and certified to TUV and German DIN standards

Height adjustable black/chrome footring.

730mmØ 5-star base in black powder coat or polished aluminium.

50mmØ twin wheeled brake loaded castors for soft floors OR soft wheeled castors for hard floor surfaces.

Xenium Counter measurements:

Seat Height:

Back Width:

585mm - 830mm


Seat Width:

Seat - Lumbar:


150mm - 250mm

Seat Depth:

Seat - Elbow:

380mm - 500mm

150mm - 250mm

Back Height:

Elbow - Elbow:

580mm - 670mm

360mm - 510mm

User Weight:

User Height:

45kgs - 110kgs

5'4" - 6'4"

Xenium Counter options:


A60: 2D Armrests

Height adjustable arm rests.  Slight rotation of the front of the arm.

Finished in grey or black.

A13: 3D Armrests

Height, width and depth adjustable arm rests.

Finished in black.

A64: 3D Armrests

Height, width and depth adjustable arm rests.

Finished in grey or black.


'3D' Armrests adjust in width

underneath the seat and also by rotating the offset PU top pads by 180° to bring them closer together.


Further width adjustment and fine tuning the support for your arms is achieved by rotating the arm top pads to the desired position. 

Neck Rest:

As an integral part of the aesthetic design of Xenium, the headrest is finished in grey mesh, or black with black edition.


However, if you would prefer the headrest to match the main colour of your chair, it is possible for us to upholster it in a matching colour.  A top tip to consider... is that light colour headrests do not fair well over time! 


Additional Comfort:

Coccyx Relief Zone:

Hidden from view, our coccyx relief zone is a void at the rear of

the seat cushion which is designed to relieve pressure on the coccyx.

Memory Foam:

Pressure relieving memory foam for the seat.

Soft Castors:

Often overlooked but actually very important!

Soft wheeled castors for hard surfaces such as wooden or

tiled floors.

Lumbar Support:

Xenium Basic has a contoured back rest cushion to provide lumbar support.  The depth of support can be increased by one of two options.


Finely detailed push button lumbar depth adjustment, integrated into the back upholstery. 


Hand pump pneumatically depth adjustable lumbar support.

Forward Seat Tilt:

+4º of forward tilt to the seat.  Highly beneficial to maintaining a good posture

as it actively encourages a positive 'S' shape to the spine.

Black or Grey:

Frame Finish:

Xenium's standard colour finish for the frame is grey.  However, there is also a popular black edition available.  The parts of the chair that change colour, are as follows:

Standard Finish:

Black Edition:


Grey frame

Grey armrests

(where applicable)

Black frame

Black armrests

(where applicable)


Fabrics & Finishes

Colours have a great power. They influence our mood,can positively stimulate and be the perfect background for effective work and communication. The finishes we offer have been selected according to the current trends because finishes are not only about colours but also texture, shape and tone which when combined together create a full emotional experience


The finishing touch is the upholstery and we use some of the best, accredited mills, including Camira, Kvadrat, Fidivi & Gabriel®

Colours Are Emotional

Available in the following finishes.  Click a swatch or fabric name to see the available colours within that range, the fabric durability and the fire retardant information.


We can upholster chairs in a corporate or customer fabric / leather.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Fabrics Price Group 20

Fabrics Price Group 40

Fabrics Price Group 45

Fabrics Price Group 48