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To us, ergonomics is about helping people, by ensuring that you have the right chair for you and that you get the most out of it and look after your self through posture.

Through our experience and knowledge of chairs and their use, we would like to make you aware of the hotspots on an office chair.  These are parts of a chair that are the most frequently adjusted and by default, touched.

Many of us are currently at home working.  However, if you are in the office or return to your office and do have to share chairs, we hope you will consider helping the fight against CV-19 by protecting yourself and colleagues.

Armrests are the most touched and adjusted part of a chair, second is the seat height adjustment lever/control.  All of our armrests have a PU finish which may be wiped, washed or sprayed.  However, this isn't exclusive to us and most likely your current chair will have a similar finish and can be wiped and cleaned too.


Many adjustments can and are made on a modern office chair, we just hope you stay mindful when adjusting yours.

Stay safe.

- Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics Limited

Hello and welcome.

We are UK importers and distributors of Rohde & Grahl Gmbh's excellent ergonomic seating ranges.

We have 26 years of experience in providing not only these high quality chair ranges but also in advising our clients on the ergonomic principles behind the designs and on how best to use the features of each model.  We do this because we absolutely believe that to get the most benefit from your investment, it needs to be suitable but also used correctly.


We are here to help guide you through the process.  No enquiry is too small.


We sell a lot of chairs to individuals with particular needs, for example, the DuoBack backrest, whilst designed for anyone, has proven advantageous for people with scoliosis.  Its unique dynamic movement has worked for them where no other chair has.  It is a back rest that is recommended by medical professionals, physiotherapists, workplace assessors and insurance schemes worldwide  due to the relief it provides and the greater back support it offers.

Whether you are looking to refurbish your office or want a high quality chair for home, investing in our office chairs is an investment in your staff and in yourself.

The New Generation of Task Chairs


Our famous flexible, dynamic DuoBack back rest is now available on our newest operator chair range, Xilium.

The DuoBack back rest pads are independently mounted to allow them to move with your every movement and fit to any back, however unique.

Ergonomic principles are behind all of our task seating.  We believe a chair should adjust to fit you, not the other way round.

Xilium and Xenium chairs have some clever adjustments that make them a perfect workplace choice, adaptable chairs that will suit a wide range of body shapes and sizes.


Xenium DuoBack has two independently mounted back pads which are secured on flexible brackets.  This flexibility allows the pads to continuously adjust.  The vertical split between the back rests reduces pressure on the spine by up to 50%.

Xenium FreeWork has a high degree of recline ... 

Xenium Basic is our entry level Xenium chair range.  We have kept the upholstery simple with the whole chair detailed in one fabric or leather finish.


The no  nonsense design, key ergonomic adjustments and affordability, means Xenium Basic has become the chair of choice for working or studying from home.

They may be quite small but the DuoBack 11 & 12 chairs have plenty of character and adjust-ability.  Their compact size and lightweight aluminium components make them a popular choice for offices at home.

Denuo Mesh has a high mesh back rest mounted around a designer frame.  It is very easy to adjust thanks to the new twist and click adjustment controls developed specifically for the Denuo range.


Available with a black, white or light grey frame.  

The perfect partner for sit-stand
working in the office or at home.

Belise is the ideal partner for sit-stand working, benches and counters.  Designed as a perching stool, Belise is lightweight, simple to adjust and easy to move.


Vertically split back rest designed to reduce direct pressure on the spinal column by up to 50%.

The centrally split seat pad can be lowered on both the left and right to aid in correctly supporting anyone with limited flex or mobility in the hips or knees.

Height and angle adjustable free standing leg rest.  Scalloped cushion for secure leg support and added comfort.


Vertically split back rest designed to reduce direct pressure on the spinal column by up to 50%.

Additional support for the thoracic area can be fine tuned with the height adjustable  thoracic support.


Big & Tall Seating

Tested and rated for a user weight of up to 150kgs / 23.5st

The high back model combined with a neck rest make Xpendo+ particularly suitable for tall users.

Heavy duty chair for the toughest of environments


Everything about Operator 24/7 is big and tough.  Designed for use in the most demanding of environments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is most at home in control centers, airport security, emergency service control rooms and power plants.  Anywhere demanding that expects & requires heavy duty use.

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